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Nursing Workshop on Transcatheter Valve Intervention

Exploring frontiers and improving skills


It is with great enthusiasmwe invite you to participate in theII Nursing Workshop on Catheter Valve Intervention, an educational and practical journey that highlights the latest advances and best care practices in the constantly evolving and innovative scenario that is the transcatheter approach to valve diseases.

In this dynamic and challenging scenario, in-depth understanding and skill in transcatheter procedures are essential to provide safe and efficient care.


The nursing workshop aims to objectives provide an immersion in catheter valve intervention, covering everything from theoretical foundations to essential practical skills and inspiring new perspectives for daily practice through discussion with colleagues with expertise in the area.

Main themes

  • Valve Anatomy and Physiology: A comprehensive review to understand the anatomical and physiological basisof the heart valves.

  • Indications and Pre-procedure Assessment:Exploration of indications for catheter valve intervention, as well as careful assessment of patients before the procedure.

  • Technical Procedures: Practical, hands-on demonstrations with the latest technical procedures, highlighting the most effective innovations and techniques.

  • Management of Complications: Addressing adverse situations and strategies for the effective management of complications during and after the procedure.

  • Post-procedure Nursing Care:Discussion about essential nursing care in the post-intervention period, including patient monitoring and prevention of complications.

We are sure it will be an opportunity to collaborate and learn from experts, sharing their valuable and ipractical insights.

We hope to see you there!

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Angelina Camiletti


Scientific Commission

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Angelina Camiletti


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Angelina Camiletti


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